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      Latest News

      Two Hotel Companies Involved in Pay Discrimination Lawsuits

      OFCCP Appoints a New Chief of Staff

      Illinois Becomes Next State to Require Pay Data Reporting and Equal Pay Certification

      Paycheck Fairness Act Reintroduced

      Black History Month

      President Selects Marty Walsh as Labor Chief and Julie Su as Deputy Labor Secretary

      Same Ole Thing Not Working? Challenge the D&I Status Quo

      EEOC Concludes Its Mediation Pilot Program Early

      EEOC Launches Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Software on February 1, 2021

      EEOC Publishes FY 2020 Performance Report

      National Academies of Sciences Evaluates the Quality of the Compensation Data Collected by EEOC

      Google Enters into Early Resolution Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP to Resolve Alleged Pay and Hiring Discrimination Claims

      Lockheed Martin Signs Early Resolution Agreement with OFCCP to Resolve Alleged Hiring Discrimination

      MVM Resolves EEOC’s Systemic National Origin and Retaliation Lawsuit

      OFCCP Actions Associated with the Rescinding of E.O. 13950

      EEOC News – January 2021

      EEOC Published Opinion Letter Regarding Non-U.S. Citizens and the Older Worker Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA)

      Jenny Yang to Head OFCCP - Why Contractors Need to Shift Gears Immediately

      AT&T and OFCCP Reach Agreement to Resolve Gender Based Compensation Disparities

      Key Appointments at EEOC under the Biden Administration

      President Biden Rescinds Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

      OFCCP Recognizes 10 Federal Contractors with Certificates of Merit for FY 2020

      OFCCP Issues First Section 503 Focused Reviews Annual Report

      BSN Sports LLC Resolves Hiring Discrimination Allegations with OFCCP

      OFCCP Releases Focused Review Landing Page

      Pinterest’s Woes Continue Surrounding Allegations of Race and Gender Discrimination

      California Pay Data Reporting Portal to Open by February 15, 2021

      EEOC Publishes New Webpage on Systemic Enforcement

      Nothing is Constant But Change.

      OFCCP Issues Opinion Letter on Religious Exemptions under E.O. 11246

      EEOC Announces Schedule for 2020 EEO Data Collection Filing

      OutSolve Introduces New Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

      2020 Ombuds Service Annual Report Published by OFCCP

      Federal Court Puts On Hold Enforcement of Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping Executive Order

      EEOC to Hold Two Upcoming Remote Public Meetings

      EEOC Issues Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccinations

      OFCCP Publishes a Review of FY 2020

      Annual AAP Certification Proposal Comment Deadline Extended

      Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

      OutSolve Continues Growth Surge – Acquires Gaucher Associates

      OFCCP Hosts Webinar on Religious Exemption Final Rule

      OFCCP Seeks OMB Approval of Two New Scheduling Letters

      EEOC Launches New Process for the Public to Request a Formal Opinion Letter

      OFCCP Issues a New Certainty Directive

      DXC Technology (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard) Enters into a Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP

      EEOC Releases Revised Publications on Employing Veterans with Disabilities

      OFCCP Concedes to Oracle and Will Not Appeal its Loss in the Compensation Case

      EEOC Reports on FY 2020 Accomplishments

      OFCCP Issues Religious Exemption Final Rule

      Race and Sex Stereotyping Clause Now Being Added to DOD Contracts

      EEOC Asks Public for Input on Revised Enforcement Guidance on Religious Discrimination

      New Technical Assistance Guide for Small Contractors Released by OFCCP

      Religious Accommodation and the Holidays

      International Day of People with Disabilities 2020

      California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) issues FAQS on Pay Data Report

      EEOC Tracks Employment Trends with New Data Tool

      OFCCP is Hosting a Webinar on the Procedures to Resolve Potential Employment Discrimination

      Diversity Outreach Primer - Where Do I Start?

      Rolls-Royce North American Enters into Early Resolution Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP

      U.S. House Passes Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

      Three States Sue EEOC to Obtain EEO-1 Data, Including Component 2 Data

      Two Separate Lawsuits Challenge Executive Order on Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping

      Thankful for our Veterans

      JPMorgan Enters into Conciliation Agreement to Resolve OFCCP Claims of Wage Discrimination

      OFCCP Issues Final Rule for Procedures to Resolve Potential Employment Discrimination

      Targeted Recruitment Ideas: Don’t Miss Out on 200,000 Transitioning Veterans

      Deloitte to Pay $275k to Settle Wage Discrimination Allegations Made During OFCCP Audit

      EEOC Issues Final Rule Revising Procedural Regulations under Title VII, ADA, and GINA

      OutSolve Partners with Diversity Outreach Partners to Help Companies Build a More Diverse Workforce

      OFCCP Hosts Webinar on VEVRAA Focused Reviews

      DOL Invites the Public to Join in HIRE Vets Medallion Award Ceremony

      OFCCP Updates Supply and Service Technical Assistance Guide (TAG)

      Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between EEOC, OFCCP and DOJ Approved

      EEOC to Hold Remote Public Meeting on November 9, 2020

      OFCCP Issues Hurricane Zeta National Interest Exemption

      EEOC Swears in Andrea Lucas as EEOC Commissioner & Announces Two Staff Appointments

      EEOC to Hold Remote Public Meeting

      OFCCP Revamps the Employment Referral Resource Directory (ERRD)

      OFCCP Announces Accomplishments for FY 2020

      New Guidance for Classifying Independent Contractors Published by the DOL

      OFCCP Publishes Request for Information Relating to E.O. on Combating Race and Gender Stereotyping

      OFCCP Reminds Contractors of Accommodation Responsibilities for Religious Observances

      OFCCP Enters into MOU with the Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation

      EEOC Swears in Keith E. Sonderling as EEOC Commissioner and Vice Chair

      EEOC Proposes Changes to Enhance the Effectiveness of the Conciliation Process

      National Disability Employment Awareness Month

      OFCCP Releases FAQs for E.O. 13950 Combating Race and Gender Stereotyping

      Oracle Victorious in OFCCP’s Compensation Discrimination Lawsuit

      California Senate Bill 973

      OFCCP Launches Hotline for Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

      President Trump Signs E.O. on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping and Scapegoating

      OFCCP Publishes Promotions and Accommodations Focused Review Landing Pages

      EEOC Updates COVID-19 Technical Assistance Publication to Assist Employers with COVID-19 and EEO Laws

      OFCCP Proposes Annual Online Certification and Portal

      Credit Unions Covered by the NCUA Required to Comply with Affirmative Action Obligations

      OFCCP’s New FAQ Advises How to Handle Individuals Who Identify as a Gender Other than Male or Female

      Hiring: What Will it be Like in the Future?

      OFCCP Releases 2020 CSAL Audit Scheduling Lists

      OFCCP Shares Accommodation Strategies from JAN and EARN to Assist During COVID-19

      Outsolve Introduces New Customer Care Manager

      DOL is Hosting a Summit “Advancing Compliance Solutions for Today’s Workplace, Two Years and Counting”

      Wells Fargo Bank N.A. Settles OFCCP Hiring Discrimination Claims

      OFCCP’s New FAQ Advises How to Handle Individuals Who Identify as a Gender Other than Male or Female

      OFCCP Gives National Interest Exemption for “Contracts Entered Into Specifically to Provide Hurricane Laura Relief”

      Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA Settles OFCCP Wage Discrimination Allegations

      EEOC Names Martin Ebel Director of Field Programs

      OFCCP Updates Website with Modernized Tools

      EEOC Releases Opioid Addiction and Employment Technical Assistance Documents

      EEOC is back in the Business of Issuing Charge Closure Documents

      The 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

      EEOC to Host Public Meeting on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Conciliation

      OFCCP to Host Public Webinar on TRICARE Final Rule

      VETS-4212 Filing Now Open

      President Trump Signs Executive Order on Government Contractors Use of Foreign Workers

      OFCCP Has Begun VEVRAA Focused Reviews

      Veteran Affairs MISSION Act Veterans Care Agreements Not Exempt from OFCCP's Jurisdiction

      Maryland Sexual Harassment Reporting Requirements Take Effect Soon

      Craig Leen, Director of OFCCP, Encourages Contractors to Consider Functional Affirmative Action Programs

      OFCCP Addresses Outreach at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic American Colleges and Universities, and Tribal Colleges and Universities

      OFCCP Director Craig Leen Discusses an Increase in the Amount of Audits Open

      Director of OFCCP, Craig Leen, Addresses Accommodation Focused Reviews

      Reminder: Update Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form by August 4, 2020

      OFCCP Director Craig Leen Discusses Timeline for Promotion Focused Reviews

      OFCCP to Hold Webinar: Updates on Conciliation, Mediation, and the Ombuds Service

      EEOC Creates Mediation and Conciliation Pilot Programs

      Supreme Court Decisions Clarifies the Ministerial Exemption

      EEOC Voted to Fund an Independent Assessment of the EEO-1 Component 2 Data

      Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda Indicates Significant Labor and Employment RULE-MAKING

      States Offer Protection from COVID-Related Lawsuits

      TRICARE Providers Removed from OFCCP's Authority

      OutSolve to Host Free Webinar: How Your Organization Can Become Welcoming to Transgender & Non-binary Employees

      Being Nice Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

      OFCCP Adds FAQ on Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing

      ODEP Publishes Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities

      OFCCP Early Resolution Procedures Produce Results

      EEOC Created New Data Visualizations to Illustrate Discrimination Data

      EEOC Places Two New District Directors in New York and Charlotte

      DOL's Office of Administrative Law Judge Suspends In-Person Hearings Indefinitely

      EEOC Issues Updated COVID-19 Guidance

      Department of Labor Hosts Compliance Assistance Webinars

      Supreme Court Rules Title VII Forbids Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation or Transgender Status

      LGBT Month

      EEOC Publishes Webpage on Commissioner Charges and Directed Investigations

      OFCCP’s Indian and Native American Employment Rights Program Hosting Webinar

      OFCCP Director Craig Leen’s Confirmation to Inspector General of the OPM Begins

      EEOC Holds Public Meeting on the NPRM on Wellness Programs

      Welcome Back!

      EEOC Chair Janet Dhillon’s Message on LGBT Month 2020

      Back-to-Office Guidelines during COVID-19

      Federal Contractors Must Comply with the National Defense Authorization Act by August 13, 2020

      DOL Issues New FAQs Relating to COVID-19 and the WARN Act

      FedEx Ground Settles Disability Discrimination Lawsuit with EEOC

      California, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York City Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs) Refute EEOC’s Decision to Drop the EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data

      OutSolve to Host Free Pay Equity Webinar with Special Guest Josh Roffman of Roffman Horvitz

      OutSolve to Host Free Webinar – How to Comply with OFCCP Mandatory Job Listing Requirements

      OutSolve Announces Partnership with Broadbean Technology

      Illinois Releases Model Training Program for Sexual Harassment Prevention

      OFCCP Releases Updated Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form

      EEOC Delays EEO Data Collections Due to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

      OFCCP Publishes Resources Related to Past Drug Misuse

      OFCCP Ombuds Service is Officially Available to Contractor Community

      Washington Legal Foundation Joins Business Groups and Nonprofits to rein in the DOL’s Enforcement Capabilities

      OFCCP Publishes VEVRAA Focused Review Webpage with Guidance on Upcoming Reviews

      Purposely Plan to Positively Succeed

      DOL Hosts National Online Dialogue: Opening America’s Workplaces Again

      OutSolve’s COVID-19 State Requirements HR Resource

      EEOC Updates Guidance Regarding Testing Employees for COVID-19

      EEOC to Hold First-Ever Remote Public Meeting on April 29

      Affirmative Action Training for Recruiters through e-Learning

      EEOC Modifies Delegation of Litigation Authority

      Meditation, not Mediation

      Employers Must Post Notice Pursuant to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) by April 1st

      OFCCP and Analysis Group, Inc. Settle Allegations of Hiring and Compensation Discrimination

      Cancellation of the 2020 OutSolve Client Summit

      OFCCP Announces New Directives to Improve Compliance Assistance

      OutSolve Staff Finds the Positive!

      EEOC Issues Updated COVID-19 Technical Assistance Guide

      Andrew F. Maunz Sworn in as EEOC Legal Counsel

      Staying Positive!

      OFCCP updates the VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark

      Trump Administration and Attorney General (AG) of Seven States and Washington, D.C. Defend OFCCP Against Oracle

      New Jersey Encourages Pay Equity Audits

      Apply for the HIRE Vets Medallion Award by April 30

      It's the same, but different.

      OFCCP is Committed to Keeping Your Data Safe

      OFCCP Ombudsman Marcus Stergio Joins OutSolve's April Webinar

      Business as Usual at OFCCP during COVID-19 Pandemic – CSALs in the Mail

      EEOC To Address COVID-19 Questions in March 27 Webinar

      2019 EEO-1 Filing Delayed - Portal Still Not Open

      DOL Announces Excellence in Disability Inclusion Award Recipients

      Department of Homeland Security Temporarily Allows for Remote Verification of Employment Eligibility Documents for Form I-9 During COVID-19 National Emergency

      OFCCP Confirms Business as Usual During COVID-19 Health Crisis

      President Trump Signs Families First Coronavirus Response Act

      OFCCP Issues National Interest Exemption

      DOL's Women's Bureau Shares Resources Celebrating Women's History Month

      DOL Releases Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

      March Madness

      President Trump Nominates One Democrat and Two Republicans to Fill EEOC Commissioner Seats

      Webinar Reminder: Affirmative Action - Recruiter Compliance Best Practices Part I

      EEOC Issues Guidance on What Employers Should Know about the ADA, Rehabilitation Act, and the Coronavirus



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