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      Latest News

      Discover the Magic of HR Gumbo in New Orleans

      The Power of Pay Transparency: A Win-Win for Employers and Candidates

      HR Gumbo: Empowering Organizations of All Sizes

      What is the Pay Equity Journey?

      Learn What's Influencing HR Compliance Change at HR Gumbo

      OutSolve Named Top Workplace for 6th Year in a Row

      16 New and Diverse Federally Funded Construction Projects Added to OFCCP's Megaproject Program

      Webinar: Laying the Groundwork: Building Pay Equity From the Start

      OFCCP Continues to Update VEVRAA Resources with Second 2024 Release

      Unlocking the Power of AI in HR: Highlights from HR Gumbo

      Navigating Pay Transparency Laws: A Comprehensive Guide for Employers

      Preparing for Vermont's Pay Transparency Law

      OutSolve and DirectEmployers Present: Applicant and Employee Self-Identification

      Deadline Alert: Complete Certification Through the OFCCP Contractor Portal by July 1, 2024

      OFCCP Publishes New Corporate Scheduling Announcement List: What Contractors Need to Know

      Celebrating Pride Month: Embracing LGBTQ+ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

      Employer's Guide to New Pay Transparency Regulations in Minnesota and Maryland

      EEOC Cracks Down on Employers: The Importance of Timely EEO-1 Reporting

      Breaking News: Elizabeth Mc Cormick Will be Taking the Stage at HR Gumbo

      Do You Know How Pay Transparency Impacts Your Organization? Learn How to Implement It Now

      Traversing EEO-1 Reporting: Common Mistakes and Solutions

      HR Gumbo: Celebrating Veterans at The World War II Museum

      Announcing HR Gumbo Keynote Speaker: Lt. General Russel L. Honoré

      May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

      Pregnancy Workers Fairness Act, the ADA, and Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Explained

      Join Us for OutSolve's HR Gumbo Conference October 21-24 in New Orleans

      From Promise to Practice: Employers and AI Compliance in Federal Contracts

      Preparing for the White House's New Race and Ethnicity Reporting Categories

      OutSolve Honored as Gold and Silver Stevie Awards Winner in 2024 American Business Awards

      EEOC's FY 2023 Performance: A Closer Look

      Breaking Down the 2023 EEO-1 Component 1 Instruction Booklet: Updates and Implications

      EEOC Unveils Pay Insights: Impacts of EEO-1 Component 2 Dashboard on Businesses

      EEO Training for Managers and Supervisors

      Celebrating a Milestone: OutSolve Wins Prestigious Riverside Leadership Award

      OFCCP's 2024 VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark: What Contractors Need to Know

      Unveiling Gender Disparities in Income Distribution: Looking Closer at the Numbers

      OutSolve Announces the Acquisition of Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute

      Adapting to New Pay Transparency Legislation Effective in 2024

      OutSolve's Upcoming Webinars

      Attention Illinois Employers: Equal Pay Registration Certificate Due March 24

      Sex Discrimination in the Workplace: How Has It Changed?

      OFCCP Adds New Resources to Guide Government Contractors through VEVRAA Requirements

      OFCCP Overhauls Construction Contractor Audit Practices and Auditing Schemes

      Mark Your Calendar: EEO-1 Component 1 Data Collection Portal Opens April 30, 2024

      Advancing Equity: Latest Updates to the DOL’s Equity Action Plan Revealed

      OFCCP Initiates Appeal Against Adverse EEO-1 Report Disclosure Mandate

      Cerner Corporation Enters into a Multi-Establishment Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP

      California Civil Rights Department’s Enforcement Action Highlights Risks in Pay Data Reporting

      OutSolve's March Webinars

      Proposed Federal Rule: Salary Disclosure and Compensation History Ban

      February: American Heart Month and Black History Month

      Unraveling the Latest Updates in California's 2024 Pay Data Reporting Requirements

      Decoding the OFCCP Audit: Insights From Real Audits With the New Scheduling Letter

      Recent Developments in EEO-1 Reporting and FOIA Exemption

      Anticipating the District of Columbia’s New Pay Transparency Requirements

      Fostering Respectful Workplaces: Annual Training on Non-Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

      OutSolve Awarded UKG’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Ally Partner Badge

      2024 and Beyond Webinar- The Future of OFCCP Compliance

      Understanding Recent OFCCP Updates for Government Contractors in Construction

      OFCCP Proposes Renewal of Information Collection Requirements of the Contractor Portal

      Decoding Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

      Navigating Record Retention Requirements for Federal Contractors

      Employers Now Have Until January 9 to File 2022 EEO-1 Reports

      Navigating the Impact of President Biden's Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

      Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Workplace

      OFCCP Allegations of Race-Based Hiring Discrimination Highlight Need for Fair Practices

      The Future of Work Is in Accommodating Employees, but Some Companies Are Still Apprehensive

      An Overview of Race Discrimination in the Workplace

      OFCCP Updates Complaint Filing Process to Mirror EEOC's Two-Step Method

      2022 EEO-1 Component 1 Data Collection Now Open

      OutSolve Announces Partnership with Inclusively

      Compliance with Washington's Wage Transparency Law Challenged by Numerous Lawsuits

      Leveraging Talent Acquisition to Achieve Affirmative Action Goals

      Free Webinar - Understanding the Role of Talent Acquisition in AAP

      Celebrating Disabled Workers During National Disability Employment Awareness Month

      OFCCP Adds Megaprojects to Build Equal Opportunity in Construction Trades

      Understanding Undue Hardship: Affirmative Defense in Reasonable Accommodation Requests

      Long-Awaited Workplace Harassment Guidance Proposed by the EEOC

      New York Pay Transparency Laws Provide Added Guidance

      Colorado Enacts New Protections for Employees in the POWR Act

      Recent Amendments Strengthen Protections for Employee Wage Disclosure in MN

      New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Case Limits Definition of Disability

      Free Webinar - New OFCCP Combined Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing: What You Need to Know

      OutSolve Hires Lisa Elting to Lead Enterprise Sales & Business Development

      OFCCP Presents Webinar on 50th Anniversary of Rehabilitation Act of 1973

      OFCCP Releases New CSAL List

      The 2022 EEO-1 Component 1 Filing Period Opens on October 31, 2023

      EEOC’s New Strategic Enforcement Plan

      Illinois Equal Pay Act Requires Pay Transparency in Job Postings

      NOLA SHRM: Victoria Person to Speak on Inclusive Hiring

      New OFCCP Scheduling Letter Now in Force

      OFCCP Hosting Webinar: Pre-enforcement Notice & Conciliation Procedures Rule

      OFCCP Publishes Resources Related to Substance Use Disorder

      Proposed Regulations from EEOC Provide Clarity on Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

      Free Webinar - Enterprise AAP: Compliance Framework for Large Companies

      Prosper Jefferson: Human Resources and DEI Panel includes Victoria Person

      NILG Overview Series: Artificial Intelligence and the Hiring Process

      NILG Overview Series: Focus on Dismantling Hiring Barriers in Infrastructure

      OutSolve Hires Michael Mercuri as Director of Revenue Operations 

      NILG Overview Series: OFCCP's Strengthening Enforcement for Marginalized People

      The State of Pay Equity 2023-24: Report from HR.com Includes OutSolve’s Neil Dickinson

      OutSolve Hosts Day of MiniSolvers: Creativity Blossoms

      Equal Pay Act Turns 60: The Fight for Workplace Equality Continues

      OMB Approved Changes to OFCCP Complaint Process Takes Effect in November

      OFCCP Issues Final Rule on Procedures for Identifying and Remedying Discrimination

      Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

      Reasonable Accommodation: Religious Observances and Defining a Business’s Burden to Accommodate

      Pay to Play: Can Pay Transparency Help Attract and Retain Talent- Neil Dickinson Featured in Insight Magazine

      Considering the Current Federal Contractor TikTok Ban

      Hawaii Enacts Pay Transparency Law and Expands Equal Pay Protections

      Free Webinar - NILG 2023 National Conference Highlights

      How to Create More Inclusive Workplaces: Victoria Person Featured in Authority Magazine

      EEO-1 Data Collection Now Scheduled for Fall 2023

      OFCCP Technical Help Desk Open to Assist with Contractor Portal Questions

      New York City Law Prohibits Use of Artificial Intelligence in Hiring Decisions

      OutSolve Named NOLA Top Work Place 5th Year in a Row

      The Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action: What it Means for Federal Contractors (Hint: NOTHING)

      OutSolve Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer to Enhance Financial Strategy and Drive Growth

      Chicago and New York Update Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Materials

      Free Webinar - Pay Equity Law Update

      Colorado Passes Amendments to the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

      Top 5 Actions to Take After You Complete Your Affirmative Action Plan

      OFCCP Publishes Corporate Scheduling List for Construction Contractors

      DOL Updates Minimum Wage Poster and Guidance on PUMP Act

      EEOC Issues Guidance on Employer Use of AI and Disparate Impact Potential

      Columbus, OH Bans Wage or Salary History Inquiries of Prospective Employees

      Free Webinar - DEI: Tips for Inclusive Hiring

      Retaliation: Why Is It Still Such a Problem?

      Employees and Employers Have a Different View of Pay Equity Progress

      Temporary Workers’ Bill of Rights in New Jersey Offers Equal Pay and Benefits

      OFCCP’s New Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form is Available

      OFCCP Releases Federal Contractors' Data Revealing Lack of Diversity at Top Companies

      OFCCP Publishes Second Notice Regarding Proposed Supply & Service Scheduling Letters

      Are Nationwide Pay Transparency and Pay Equity Laws Coming Soon?

      Illinois Continues Making Changes to its Pay Transparency Law

      California Offers Extension on Labor Contractor Pay Data Reporting

      Massachusetts - Next to Pass Pay Transparency and Data Reporting Laws?

      Reasonable Accommodations to Consider for Employees Returning to Work After Covid

      OFCCP Schedules Mega Construction Project (Megaproject) Briefing

      OutSolve Hires Veteran Affirmative Action Consultant Torrey Tiburzi

      OutSolve Announces the Retirement of Gina Meyn

      OFCCP Focuses on Construction Contractors Through its Megaproject Program

      Annual VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark is 5.4 Percent

      Gary Cowan Joins OutSolve as Director of Partnerships

      OFCCP AAP Certification Must Be Completed by June 29, 2023

      California Adds FAQs Expanding the Scope of Pay Data Reporting

      Chairwoman Jenny Yang Leaves OFCCP on March 31, 2023

      OFCCP Schedules Religious Exemption Rule Rescission Briefing

      OFCCP Contractor Portal to Open on March 31, 2023

      Free Webinar - The Proof is in the Numbers: Pay Equity Analytics and Best Practices

      Employment of Workers with Disabilities Increased in 2022

      OFCCP Rescinds Religious Exemption Rule

      Revisions to OMB’s Standards for Collecting and Reporting Race and Ethnicity Data Proposed

      Amendments Proposed to New York City’s Pay Transparency Law

      Why Celebrating International Women’s Day at Work Matters

      Employee Appreciation: 6 Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

      OutSolve Hires Industry Veteran to Enhance EEO and AAP Offerings

      Illinois Adopts Final Equal Pay Act Certification Regulations

      Supervisor Making Over $200,000 per Year is Still Entitled to Overtime

      OFCCP Seeks Approval to Update Complaint Intake Procedures

      OutSolve Completes Acquisition of Career Resources Inc.

      OFCCP Extends the Deadline for Contractors to Request Removal from Type 2 EEO-1 Data Report Release

      Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

      Free Webinar - The Right Blend: What to Put in Your Affirmative Action Mix

      Action Needed – OFCCP Intends to Release Type 2 EEO-1 Data

      OFCCP 2023 CSAL List Update: Targets Contractors That Failed to Certify in the OFCCP Portal

      Connecticut May be the Next State to Pass Salary Transparency Requirements in Job Postings

      OutSolve Names Mary Madden as Director of Marketing Communications

      OutSolve Names Carla Pittman as Chief Marketing Officer

      EEOC Releases Draft 2023-2027 Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP)

      OutSolve Acquires Meyer Consulting Group

      News Alert! OFCCP Publishes 2023 Corporate Scheduling Announcement List

      EEOC Released Guidance on using Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Software to Access Job Applicants and Employees with Disabilities

      The Nation Celebrates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

      Financial Settlements of Pay Equity and Transparency Discrimination Cases

      Here We Go Again

      OutSolve and DirectEmployers Association Announce Strategic Partnership

      New Guidance Released on the California Pay Transparency Law

      New York State Passes Pay Transparency Law

      Should Executive Compensation Be Tied to ESG Performance?

      DOL Sued Over EEO-1 FOIA Requests & OFCCP Gives Contractors Another Chance to Object to the Release of EEO-1 Reports

      Outsolve Acquires The Austin Peters Group, Inc’s. Affirmative Action Line of Business

      OFCCP Publishes Significant Modifications to Audit Scheduling Letter and Itemized Listing

      OutSolve Announces the Acquisition of the Affirmative Action Solutions Business of First Advantage Consulting Firm

      OFCCP Observes Transgender Awareness Week

      Logistics International Hospitality Enters into Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP to Resolve Pay Transparency Complaint

      OutSolve Honors Our Veterans

      OFCCP Veterans Roundtable Discussion

      OFCCP Celebrating National Native American Heritage Month

      OFCCP is Celebrating National Veterans and Military Families Month

      New York City Salary Transparency Law Takes Effect Today

      OFCCP Confirms that Federal Contractors Must Use New “Know Your Rights” Poster

      New Updated “Know Your Rights” Poster Released by EEOC

      OFCCP is Hosting a Webinar on the Revised Directive on Functional Affirmative Action Programs

      OutSolve Secures Strategic Growth Investment from The Riverside Company

      October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

      California Passes SB 1162 to Advance Pay Transparency and Pay Data Reporting Requirements

      Domestic Violence Awareness Month

      A Message from EEOC Chair on Hispanic Heritage Month

      OFCCP Issues Revision to FAAP Directive Clarifying Procedural Requirements



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