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OFCCP's 2024 VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark: What Contractors Need to Know

By Debra Milstein Gardner - Apr 8, 2024 12:15:00 PM - 4 MINS READ

The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has set a new benchmark for the Vietnam Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) hiring requirements in 2024. This benchmark is crucial for federal contractors and subcontractors to measure their progress in ensuring equal employment opportunities for protected veterans. Let's delve into what this means for contractors and how they can navigate these changes effectively.

The 2024 VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark: What You Need to Know

Effective March 31, 2024, the VEVRAA hiring benchmark stands at 5.2%. The trend of the national benchmark has consistently decreased over the past few years. From 5.6% in 2021-2022, it decreased to 5.5% in 2022-2023, further dropping to 5.4% in 2023-2024, and finally reaching 5.2% this year. This gradual decrease highlights a continued effort by the U.S. Department of Labor's OFCCP to refine and optimize outreach and recruitment efforts for protected veterans in federal contractor workplaces.

Navigating the Changes: Insights for Federal Contractors

Federal contractors must understand their obligations regarding the VEVRAA hiring benchmark. Whether adopting the national benchmark or using the individualized five-factor method, contractors must ensure compliance with OFCCP regulations. 

The new benchmark of 5.2% means that employers who are federal contractors or subcontractors are expected to strive towards achieving this percentage in their hiring of protected veterans. This benchmark serves as a measurement tool for employers to assess their progress in providing equal employment opportunities for veterans and demonstrates their commitment to affirmative action in recruitment, hiring, promotion, and retention of protected veterans. Achieving or exceeding the benchmark signifies an employer's dedication to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, aligning with legal requirements and societal values.

Accessing OFCCP's Resources: Updates and Tools for Contractors

OFCCP offers various resources to assist contractors in setting and utilizing the hiring benchmark. Contractors can access examples, sample language, and a new 20-minute course titled "The VEVRAA Hiring Benchmark" on the Contractor Compliance Institute (CCI) platform. these resources are invaluable for understanding and implementing the VEVRAA requirements accurately.




Navigating VEVRAA requirements can be complex, but with a comprehensive understanding of the process, contractors can ensure compliance and foster inclusivity in their workplaces. From setting benchmarks to evaluating outreach efforts, each step plays a crucial role in promoting equal employment opportunities for protected veterans. Contact us if you need assistance with this process. 

Debra Milstein Gardner

Debra Milstein Gardner has worked in the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) space for the past 43 years while working in the public and private sectors in various human resources compliance roles. She began her career working for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and then went to the Marriott Corporation for nine years working in EEO, Affirmative Action and field human resource roles. In 1990, Debra founded Workplace Dynamics LLC providing EEO, AA, and DEI consulting services to government contractors. In 2016, Debra sold the affirmative action portion of Workplace Dynamics to OutSolve LLC and works part-time as a Market Analyst. Debra is a sports fanatic, routing for the Baltimore Ravens and all Virginia Tech Hokie teams. She loves to hike and boat in her mountain and lake community of Lake Lure, NC.

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