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OFCCP Technical Help Desk Open to Assist with Contractor Portal Questions

By OutSolve - Jul 6, 2023 2:23:04 PM - 4 MINS READ


Contractors with registered and certified AAPs or who contacted the OFCCP Contractor Portal by June 29 are within compliance.

Contractors must fulfill their annual obligation of certifying their compliance with affirmative action through the OFCCP's compliance portal. The deadline for registrations and certifications for the year 2023 was June 29. However, contractors who sought technical assistance before this date will be considered compliant. The OFCCP's Contractor Portal Technical Help Desk is diligently addressing all previously submitted inquiries.

Although the June 29 deadline has not been extended by the OFCCP, they strongly advise contractors who have not yet registered and certified their AAP obligations to do so promptly. The Contractor Portal Technical Help Desk will remain open and accessible for any questions contractors may have.

For guidance on registering and certifying in the Contractor Portal, contractors can refer to the OFCCP user guide and FAQs. Additionally, any technical concerns can be addressed by contacting the OFCCP Contractor Portal Technical Help Desk at 1-800-397-6251 or submitting an inquiry.

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While the OFCCP has stated the deadline is June 29, they are also welcoming contractors who have not yet registered on the portal to do so as soon as possible. The agency’s help desk is available to those who are certified, but they also state that service is available to all contractors, regardless of registration status. It appears that the OFCCP continues to offer leniency in hopes of getting all contractors compliant.   

OutSolve offers our clients full Contractor Portal administration services to include registering and certifying Parent Companies and Establishment affirmative action plans. For additional information, please contact us at info@outsolve.com or at 888-414-2410.  

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