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Same Ole Thing Not Working? Challenge the D&I Status Quo

By Mary Leone - Feb 12, 2021 12:15:08 PM - 6 MINS READ

A new year means it is time to set goals. Many businesses set goals for sales, expense reductions, employee headcount, new product launches, and many other financially impacting areas.

But are you setting goals for your diversity outreach strategy and recruiting efforts?

Are you looking at how these goals can help with your overall corporate strategy?

Try something new!

I know many of you have heard this from me before, but humor me.

A few weeks ago, my two teenagers asked if they could drive to the Dallas Museum of Art. I paused since they normally do not willingly go to art museums. But, I said yes, because:

1. I love art (and wanted to encourage them) and

2. It was trying something new.

Challenging the Status Quo

Are you thinking about how you can make a change in 2021?

Have you learned something from all the changes this pandemic year has presented you?

Airbnb has! And these changes relate to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. (You knew that was coming, right?)

Airbnb is setting employee representation goals for 2025:

-20% for underrepresented minorities (currently at 12%)

-50% for females (currently at ~47%)

-AND make its board of directors 20% people of color (by the end of 2021).

2. They are expanding their recruiting efforts at HBCUs and schools with higher female and Latinx populations.

3. Interview questions are included about a candidate's commitment to diversity and belonging.

4. Airbnb is taking aggressive steps to remove bias from the hiring process and to improve the diversity pipeline.

What are you doing?

Switching Gears

What do you think of when you hear Tesla?

Do you think about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

You should! See the article below that discusses their DE&I program.

Here are some highlights:

1. People first

2. Data-driven

3. Transparency

4. Integrate accountability measurements

5. Sustainable solutions

6. Share knowledge - on both a personal and professional level

Do I have your attention?

Let’s Talk Accountability

Have you thought about adding DE&I accountability measures for your organization? Teams? Individuals?

Yep! Tesla has.

One area of focus is female representation, to which Tesla has committed to working on improving outreach to women and building an inclusive culture. This focus is not just in female representation, but at the leadership level, and will top the priority list for 2021.

Some other actions they are taking include expanding their DE&I team, embedding the principles into everything they do, and investing in communities, programs and resources to foster inclusion.

Tesla isn’t resting on past success, but committing to an even better DE&I effort to impact employees, the company, and the communities they serve

Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

What type of goals will you set this year?

I challenge you to think about how your diversity outreach strategy and recruiting goals will tie to your corporate goals, ultimately making your company a better, more inclusive place to work.

Challenge accepted?

Mary Leone is a talent acquisition professional that has a passion for diversity recruiting.  She has partnered with Alan Klapman to form Diversity Outreach Partners, which can help your business build, grow and document your diversity outreach efforts.  You can find her on LinkedIn, writing about diversity recruiting, transitioning veterans or people with disabilities or volunteering as Vice Chair for Disability: IN North Texas and as a Networking Facilitator/Career Coach at Vets2Industry.  

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