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OFCCP Releases New Corporate Scheduling Announcement List

By OutSolve - Sep 1, 2021 1:19:01 PM - 1 MINS READ

Today, OFCCP published the latest Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) for construction contractors, which is comprised of 400 federal contractors, federally assisted contractors and subcontractors.

The CSAL is a courtesy notification providing contractors at least 45-days advance notice to prepare for the compliance evaluation. OFCCP encourages contractors to take advantage of the suite of compliance assistance offerings and to contact their local field and regional offices for technical assistance in preparation for the evaluation. Additionally, federal contractors can visit the OFCCP website to find a list of virtual compliance assistance events.

OFCCP has published the methodology for developing the list as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs) where answers to other matters related to the topic are included.

If a contractor believes they should not be selected for evaluation, they must send an email to the OFCCP Scheduling Mailbox at ofccp-dpo-scheduling@dol.gov. OFCCP will respond to the inquiry promptly.

For further information or if you should receive a scheduling notice, please contact us at 888.414.2410 or info@outsolve.com so that we may be of assistance.  





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