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ODEP Publishes Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities

By OutSolve - Jul 1, 2020 10:54:33 AM - 1 MINS READ

2018 Survey builds on the 2008 survey which OFCCP uses to engage and inform contractors through compliance assistance and during compliance evaluations.

The DOL’s Office of Disability Policy (ODEP) published the results of its 2018 Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities.  The survey provides an overview of employer’s attitudes towards people with disabilities as well as their efforts to employ individuals with disabilities.  The survey updates a 2008 survey which provided nationwide data that OFCCP used to create compliance assistance tools.

Learn more about the results of the survey in the links below:

  1. In this brief, you will find a detailed analysis of federal contractors and non-federal contractors and how they “Implemented Disability Inclusion in their Workplace Policies and Practices”.
  2. Find out the results of how effective companies’ reasonable accommodations and accessibility policies are in the “Implementation and Effectiveness of Disability-Inclusive Workplace Practices and Policies Brief”.
  3. In this brief, you will find the results of “Employer Practices and Attitudes toward the Employment of People with Disabilities”.

OFCCP and ODEP created a partnership in 2019 which resulted in the establishment of the Excellence in Disability Inclusion (EDI) award.  The award recognizes federal contractors who excel in meeting their responsibilities under Section 503.


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