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Welcome to ESG Engaged

By Charles Carriere - Feb 28, 2022 7:00:00 AM - 3 MINS READ

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has been a significant topic of interest as society continues to demand that companies be better corporate citizens, and investors make ESG a high priority.

The social and governance aspects of ESG significantly impact those responsible for affirmative action, DEI, and pay equity. For that reason, beginning April 1, 2022, OutSolve will publish an ESG newsletter containing news, trends, and best practices designed to keep HR practitioners abreast of how ESG impacts their workplace. 

The newsletter is called ESG Engaged and you can click here to subscribe early. You'll be the first to get ESG news delivered to your inbox. Below you will find a roundup of hot ESG articles to help get you started. 



This article touches on a couple of themes we will see more of in 2022. Financial firms are driving ESG policy implementation and ESG Ratings are not likely to tell the whole story.

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The ‘Social’ in ESG is still relevant. Just because the Environment is getting headlines doesn’t mean that risks to ignoring Social issues have gone away.

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Some of us are just recovering from year-end 2021. Have you made your corporate governance resolutions yet? It isn’t too late.

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Want to know more? Our ESG Director, Charles Carriere is available to discuss your ESG questions. Contact us here or email Charles at ccarriere@outsolve.com. Please don’t forget that your company has an impact on the environment, its employees, and the wider community. Responsible governance should consider these impacts along with the need for profitable operations.

Charles Carriere

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