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OutSolve Completes Acquisition of Career Resources Inc.

By OutSolve - Feb 15, 2023 11:49:24 AM - 2 MINS READ

OutSolve announces the completion of its latest acquisition, Career Resources Inc. (CRI), an affirmative action risk management consulting firm based in Miami, FL. This is the fourteenth in a series of recently completed acquisitions by OutSolve over the past six years.

“This deal marks a historic moment for CRI. Our clients can take advantage of OutSolve’s strong talent and differentiated solutions,” says James Gutierrez, Founder of Career Resources Inc. “CRI clients will have access to a greater range of offerings providing a more well-rounded approach to their affirmative action compliance efforts.”

“I’m proud to welcome Career Resources Inc. and all their clients to the OutSolve family,” says Jeremy Mancheski, Founder of OutSolve. “When considering another value-enhancing acquisition, CRI was a perfect fit. OutSolve’s enhanced client features and delivery paired with CRI's expertise translate into long-term value for customers. Simply put. CRI combined with OutSolve’s talent and capacity enable us to deliver more robust and competitive solutions."

This acquisition aligns with OutSolve’s focus to further strengthen its industry position and expand its footprint. With over 3,300 clients, fourteen acquisitions, and substantial investment in its operational growth, the company is committed to strengthening its position as the industry’s gold standard.

Headquartered in Louisiana, with offices in California, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Kansas, OutSolve has also acquired Meyer Consulting Group, Austin Peters Group, First Advantage Consulting Firm’s affirmative action business, Taapestry, HudsonMann Inc., The HR Consultant, Gaucher Associates, Workplace Dynamics, Pinnacle Affirmative Action, Van Zant Resource Group, Workforce Compliance Associates, among many others.

About OutSolve

Founded in 1998, OutSolve is a leading employment compliance consulting firm dedicated to helping companies comply with Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs' (OFCCP) regulatory requirements. The Company specializes in affirmative action plan preparation, OFCCP audit support, compensation analysis, state pay reporting, EEO-1/VETS reporting, training, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).



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