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OFCCP Recognizes 10 Federal Contractors with Certificates of Merit for FY 2020

By OutSolve - Jan 21, 2021 9:38:01 AM - 3 MINS READ

OFCCP expanded its contractor recognition program by granting Certificates of Merit to establishments who have undergone a Section 503 Focused Review

Contractors who completed a Section 503 Focused Review and demonstrated their commitment to disability inclusion were awarded a Certificate of Merit. For FY 2020, OFCCP recognized 10 contractors who achieved the 7% disability utilization goal in 50% or more of their AAP job groups (or for the entire workforce if they were a small contractor) and the agency found no violations during the focused review.

The 10 contractors included:

1.       Ventech Solutions Inc.

2.       Professional Management Enterprises

3.       Quantitech Inc.

4.       Goodwill Industries Central Indianapolis

5.       Systems Application & Technologies

6.       Didlake Incorporated Consolidated

7.       Airbus Helicopters Inc.

8.       Centers for Habilitation

9.       Paul Hastings LLP

10.   Lighthouse for the Blind in New Orleans


The Certificates of Merit add to OFCCP’s recognition program, which currently includes the Excellence in Disability Inclusion (EDI) Award for federal contractor establishments who go above and beyond to recruit, hire, retain and advance individuals with disabilities in the workplace. The 2020 EDI Award Winners were a CVS establishment in Acton, Massachusetts, and a PepsiCo establishment in Purchase, New York.


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