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New Technical Assistance Guide for Small Contractors Released by OFCCP

By OutSolve - Dec 7, 2020 9:58:43 AM - 1 MINS READ

Designed as a self-assessment tool for supply and service and construction contractors and subcontractors

OFCCP released a new technical assistance guide for small contractors to provide compliance help regarding EEO obligations for small supply and service, construction contractors and subcontractors, and federally assisted construction contractors and subcontractors.  The guide was designed to be used as a self-assessment tool to evaluate current practices, to eliminate discrimination and to achieve their EEO goals. 

The guide addresses the following key objectives for contractors:

  • Understand equal employment opportunity (EEO) obligations under the laws OFCCP enforces.
  • Learn how to comply with federal EEO laws, even in the absence of a scheduled compliance evaluation by OFCCP.
  • Learn requirements and key differences in requirements for small vs. larger contractors.


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