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2014-2018 EEO Tabulation Required for January 1, 2022 Affirmative Action Programs

By OutSolve - Sep 9, 2021 3:44:12 PM - 4 MINS READ

OFCCP Notice requires federal contractors to use the 2014-2018 EEO Tabulation starting in 2022

The OFCCP Notice requires all covered federal contractors to use the 2014 - 2018 EEO Tabulation, i.e. the “2018 EEO Tab” to develop all written affirmative action programs (AAPs) that commence on or after January 1, 2022. The 2018 EEO Tab replaces the prior 2006 – 2010 EEO tab, which was very stale and no longer a useful benchmark for the external availability analysis.

OFCCP also developed a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions that provide answers to the common questions contractors have regarding the 2018 EEO Tabulation. OFCCP will allow contractors to begin using the 2018 EEO Tab in developing their AAPs immediately. However, OFCCP recognizes that contractors need time to begin their transition to the 2018 EEO Tab. The January 1, 2022 date provides contractors with sufficient time for a smooth transition to the 2018 EEO Tab.

The 2018 EEO Tab provides several tables of occupation data separated into census occupations (census codes). The data is available in four types of aggregations: EEO Occupational Groups, EEO-1 Job Categories, Federal Sector Groups, and State and Local Government Groups. The geographic types in the 2018 EEO Tab are very similar to the 2006 -2010 EEO Tabulation that include the residence, worksite, and residence to worksite. The residence-based data is most often used in developing AAPs. Similarly, the tables include the summary levels for U.S. Total, All States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Other summary levels by Core Based Statistical Areas, Counties, County Sets, and Places are also included.

OutSolve OFCCP Insights

OutSolve’s Take

The Census Bureau released the 2018 EEO Tab tables to the public on March 2, 2021. However, the tables are not immediately useable unless the data is organized and formatted for developing AAPs. OutSolve immediately accessed the data and formatted it for use within its Production System. The OutSolve systems and services are currently ready to produce new AAPS and availability analyses based on the new 2018 EEO Tabulation.

The OFCCP’s regulations require that contractors “…use the most current and discrete statistical data…” in preparing availability estimates. Although the data in the 2018 EEO Tab is “the most current”, the number of Census occupational codes has been drastically reduced, from 488 in the 2010 EEO Tab to only 237 in the 2018 EEO Tab, less than half the number previously available. For those contractors using industry-specific data to prepare AAPs, the number of industry codes has been reduced even more, from 88 to 27.

What will be the impact of updated Census data, with fewer occupational classification codes, on Affirmative Action Program availability estimates and placement goals going forward? Preliminary indications are that the new data may not have a significant impact on AAPs in which it is used. Female and minority representation generally increased in management and executive occupations for both residential and industry-based data. However, with fewer occupational classifications available, in some instances, combining classifications appears to have averaged-out the differences. To cite just one example, in the 2010 EEO Tab, national data for females for Airline Pilots and Flight Attendants, separate occupational classifications, were 4% and 79.6%, respectively. For the 2018 EEO Tab, females constitute 34.1% nationally of the new Air Transportation Workers occupational classification, which combines both Flight Attendants and Pilots. Nevertheless, contractors should be prepared to see at least some increases in the number of their job groups with placement goals for 2022.

Having already adapted the 2018 EEO Tab data for use in AAPs, clients are assured of full compliance with the OFCCP’s new requirement. If you’d like additional information, reach out to us at info@outsolve.com or by calling 888-414-2410. Learn more from OutSolve’s webinar on the topic: The New Census - What it Means for Your AAP.



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