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Expert Affirmative Action services.

Where all the pieces come together.


Affirmative Action Plan Preparation

For companies looking to outsource the affirmative action plan preparation process, OutSolve is the answer—offering complete support and guidance. Our experts will develop your plan for you with all components and reports as required by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).


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OFCCP Contractor Portal

On February 1, 2022, OFCCP began requiring covered contractors to register their company in the OFCCP Contractor Portal, and subsequently certify that they have developed and maintained an affirmative action program for each establishment and/or functional unit, as applicable.

OutSolve offers full Contractor Portal administration services including registering and certifying Parent Companies and Establishment affirmative action plans. Our experts can handle the burden of the initial and future updates of your organization’s record details. 

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Illinois Pay Data Report

SB 1480 was signed into law and later amended by SB 1487 in 2021. The law requires Illinois employers with 100 or more employees to obtain an Equal Pay Registration Certificate among other requirements. The most challenging of employer obligations is the submission of employee pay data. Before submission, Illinois employers should perform a pay equity analysis to avoid potential violations and penalties. OutSolve services include data evaluation, proactive pay analysis, and the submission of the required information to the Illinois DOL on your behalf.

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OFCCP Audit Support

Comprehensive OFCCP audit support through each phase of the audit from receipt of a scheduling letter through closure. OutSolve’s affirmative action experts give you proven results, with an exceptionally high success rate in supporting and closing hundreds of OFCCP audits annually in every region of the United States.


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OFCCP Checklist
pay equity and reporting

Compensation Compliance

Audits can come at any time. We can review your compensation data and identify changes before you receive notice from the OFCCP concerning an audit. This is a much simpler and less costly process compared to an OFCCP finding of alleged discrimination that would include fines and press.

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California Pay Data Report

In accordance with California law, private employers with a workforce of 100 or more employees and/or 100 or more workers hired through labor contractors are obligated to submit an annual report to the Civil Rights Department (CRD). OutSolve’s experts can take this task off your to-do list. You can rest assured that your report will be submitted accurately and in compliance with state regulations. You’ll also have an expert by your side guiding you through the nuances of California's pay data reporting requirements. 

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California Pay Data Report Service
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EEO-1 & VETS 4212

Federal contractors are required to submit annual EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports to the Department of Labor each year. OutSolve offers an easy solution for managing this process—let us do it for you. With a single download of data, we are able to prepare and electronically file the required reports. Fast, simple, and totally stress-free.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mirror

OutSolve's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MIRROR services focus on actionable steps companies can take to implement a DE&I program, proportionate to their needs. The program is designed to focus on areas with the greatest impact. It helps companies move from the abstract to a defined diversity, equity and inclusion program that is manageable; even by smaller HR teams. Contact us to find out more. 

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Affirmative Action Compliance Training

OutSolve training offers employers the best e-learning solutions on the market for required affirmative action and sexual harassment prevention training. Employers can take advantage of these courses and easily implement a dynamic training program across their company.

Choose from several courses including:

  • Affirmative Action Training for Managers
  • Affirmative Action Training for Recruiters
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Adverse Impact Analyses

OutSolve offers comprehensive, detailed analyses and support for affirmative action plans and OFCCP audits. Analyzing transactions is a crucial part of affirmative action planning, and adverse impact analyses are one of the most data-intensive areas of affirmative action and an area of significant risk for OFCCP settlements.

With OutSolve at your side, you are enabled to easily report on all of the required employment actions—applicants, hires, promotions and terminations. Plus, we offer a wide array of management reports to meet your needs.

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