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"We've never had any complaints with OutSolve. if we've ever had a question or concern, we get an answer the same day. So it's been a great experience for us."

Dane King - Corporate Systems Manager

LSI Staffing



A staffing company responsible for nearly 13,000 external jobs annually, LSI Staffing was tasked with developing its own Affirmative Action Plan to maintain its large scale, government-contract customer.

Challenge: LSI Staffing needed to quickly learn the OFCCP's regulations and requirements and create an Affirmative Action Plan while staying within a budget

The list of OFCCP responsibilities can feel overwhelming and producing reports internally is time-consuming.

Prior to partnering with OutSolve, LSI Staffing hired attorneys but needed a one-stop practical solution to handle unexpected needs in a timely manner. Although the problem required a quick fix, the answer needed to be long-lasting.

Solution: LSI Staffing swiftly received a comprehensive, robust Affirmative Action Plan for the short term and has a responsive team to call upon who can conduct training and answer questions as needs arise

"All of a sudden, in the eyes of the government we were government contractors and we didn't even know it. We knew we'd need to follow certain laws to avoid penalties and stay compliant. OutSolve provided a fast, reliable solution." said Dane King, Corporate Systems Manager at LSI Staffing.

Results: A rapid, budget-friendly solution to the immediate problem and lasting partner for the future

With OutSolve's expansive, experienced team, LSI Staffing received immediate attention to creating an initial Affirmative Action Plan and can now breathe easy, relying on OutSolve to handle a variety of compliance needs while keeping them informed of any changing responsibilities.