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from affirmative action to diversity actions

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion MIRROR™ Services

With little to no innovation in the DEI planning space, programs are often costly, overpowering, and difficult to successfully implement. To address these issues OutSolve created DEI  MIRROR™ Action Plans.

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Less Talk. More Action.   

OutSolve's DEI MIRROR™ Action Plans focus on actionable steps companies can take to implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan
proportionate to their needs. Action plans are designed to focus on areas with the greatest impact. 
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Manageable Efforts

OutSolve's MIRROR™ Action Plans are designed to help companies move from the abstract to a defined, manageable diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Material Action

Focus on actions that have a material, positive impact on building a work culture that is diverse and gives all employees a sense of belonging. 

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AAP as a Launchpad

If you are required to prepare an affirmative action plan, we can leverage the analysis from your AAP to inform your DE&I actions.


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Comprehensive Services 

OutSolve's DEI MIRROR™ Action Plans are designed to get rid of outdated practices and help companies use today's tools to focus on actions that work. 

You know the services you're getting upfront. No surprises or unpredictable increases just quality deliverables that meet objectives. 

  • Consulting Support to advise you of best practices, latest trends, and proven methods
  • Employee Survey to evaluate employee's perception of DEI at your organization
  • Workforce Analytics to examine employee demographics
  • DEI Priority Setting to identify DEI focus areas
  • DEI Action Plan for manageable implementation
  • DEI Resources to support implementation
  • DEI Presentation to communicate results and recommended action items
  • DEI Report containing details of results, action plan, and resources
  • Defined DEI Metrics and guidance on monitoring progress
  • DEI Dashboard to help monitor progress

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Get answers to the most common questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Improving Self-Id for DEI

Improve your Self-ID survey responses! Here are helpful tips on getting employees at your organization to self-ID. 

Sample DEI Statements

See how other companies are communicating their DEI policy and commitment. 



A Sneak Peek of MIRROR™ Components


DEI Action Roadmap

A Clear Path

Included in your service are recommended diversity and inclusion action roadmaps. These roadmaps give you a clear path to successful diversity and inclusion planning and implementation. 

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Workforce Analytics

Identify Your Focus Areas

Our experts examine your workforce demographics at various levels and identify gaps, attention areas, and benchmark your current state against relevant comparators.

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Monitor and Measure

Track Your Success

Building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture is a long-term and ongoing effort. Scorecards will help you record your progress and keep you on track, while annual scorecards will help to document yearly performance. Scorecards can be shared with staff or an audience of your choice.

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What is diversity and inclusion?

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