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" Having a single point of contact has been tremendous. The back and forth engagement have been very, very effective. And I think one of the things that have really been a benefit I didn't necessarily anticipate is how much we have learned through the process. So it wasn't just about handling something off and kind of throwing it over the fence and then washing our hands of it."

Amelia Nichols  - Human Resources Administrator




A technical services company is responsible for providing cloud-based security systems and engineering.

Challenge: Plus3 IT Systems is a fast-growing federal contractor that needed a partner capable of producing compliance document and informing them of ongoing changes

As a company tied into government services, Plus3IT Systems knew creating an Affirmative Action and compliance program was critical to maintaining its litany of contracts and accelerating growth into the future.

When they sought out a service provider, it was important to find an expert resource who could not only create reports but teach the process from ground level and help build a wealth of knowledge for a small Human Resources staff.

Solution: Plus 3IT Systems not only received a comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan to meet a short-term need, but it also leaned on its consultant to learn deeply about each report's origin so it could properly communicate strategy with senior management and inject new corporate initiatives

Results: Not only was compliance quickly achieved, but new initiatives were enacted to make sure a comprehensive program was enacted at all levels.

OutSolve did more than check the box. The partnership ensured one of Plus3 IT System's steadiest revenue streams is protected in the long term by providing ample resources and support, allowing the company to build a robust, sustainable compliance framework.