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OutSolve Congratulates the 849 HIRE Vets Medallion Award Recipients

By OutSolve - Dec 15, 2021 1:40:24 PM - 2 MINS READ

849 of the original 870 applicants were approved for an award

The Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipients. Of the original 870 applications, 849 were approved for one of the following award types.

Small gold (SG) – 301

Small platinum (SP) – 159

Medium goal (MG) – 175

Medium platinum (MP) – 126

Large gold (LG) – 70

Large platinum (LP) – 18

The applications for the 2022 awards run from January 31, 2022 through April 30, 2022. The VETS last updated its website on December 10, 2021, with information about the program, including the criteria for the award.

According to the VETS website, “the purpose of the HIRE Vets Medallion Award is to recognize employers who have employed and retained veterans, including their efforts to establish employee development programs for veterans, and employers who offer veteran-specific benefits to improve retention. Award recipients will have the opportunity to utilize the medallion in the marketing of their firm as a veteran-friendly business when hiring, and in efforts to attract additional business.”

See List of Award Recipients

OutSolve OFCCP Insights

OutSolve’s Take

Even though the main purpose of the award is to assist companies in their marketing efforts to attract applicants, the honor would go a long way to assist in a veterans-focused review. However, as contractors seek qualified veteran candidates to fill positions, being an award recipient would make your organization more attractive to veterans over competitive firms without the award. Congratulations to all the HIRE Vets Medallion Award recipients for their exceptional efforts.


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