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Oracle Victorious in OFCCP’s Compensation Discrimination Lawsuit

By OutSolve - Oct 6, 2020 9:42:55 AM - 1 MINS READ

ALJ finds that Oracle didn’t systemically discriminate against women or minorities in pay

After four years of litigation, DOL Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Richard M. Clark found no evidence of compensation discrimination. OFCCP audited Oracle’s headquarters location in 2014 and sued the company in 2017 alleging that Oracle owed women and minorities $400 million in unpaid wages.

Judge Clark’s 208 page findings stated that Oracle did not engage in intentional compensation discrimination at its headquarters facility against female employees in the Product Development, Information Technology, and Support job functions, or against Asian and African American employees in the Product Development job function. Additionally, the ALJ found that Oracle did not have a policy or practice at its headquarters of relying on prior pay in setting salaries.

He ruled against the OFCCP and recommended that OFCCP’s Second Amended Complaint be dismissed with prejudice. Without any OFCCP appeals the recommended decision and Order automatically converts into a Final Decision and Final Order.

The case is OFCCP v. Oracle Am., Inc., Department of Labor A.L.J. No. 2017-OFC-00006, recommended decision & order 9/22/2020.


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