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Proactive Compensation Solutions

pay equity and reporting

Compensation Compliance

Audits can come at any time. We can review your compensation data and identify changes before you receive notice from the OFCCP concerning an audit. This is a much simpler and less costly process compared to an OFCCP finding of alleged discrimination that would include fines and press.

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Compensation "Trigger" Test

As part of the annual plan development process, and at the client’s request, OutSolve will prepare an average salary comparison by job title similar to what is commonly called the OFCCP Trigger Test for each AAP location. Additionally, if the client receives an OFCCP scheduling letter, OutSolve will provide the data file necessary to respond to item #19 of the Itemized listing.

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outsolve compensation risk analysis

Compensation Risk Analysis

With both federal and state agencies prioritizing pay equity, it is critical for Federal contractors to have the ability to view potential areas of vulnerability that will lead them to compensation equity and compliance. This Risk Analysis is a compensation report designed to provide clients a gateway to viewing potential pay equity liabilities across multiple tiers by leveraging comparisons by job title, job group, and EEO category as they are linked to the data that is collected by the various agencies seeking to enforce pay.

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Pay Equity and Statistical Compensation Analyses (Proactive Internal Reviews and OFCCP Compliance)

OutSolve’s compensation team works with our clients to identify a strategy for pay equity analyses to meet compliance requirements for both state and federal agencies. OutSolve will perform legally-defensible and comprehensive compensation analyses using statistical techniques that adhere to ethical and professional standards. Analyses include both statistical multiple regression models as well as other tests and cohort reviews. Additionally, OutSolve can assist with post-estimations and pay change implementation strategy.

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Benchmark/Salary Survey

OutSolve offers expert staff to support external salary surveys using advanced survey tools to produce relevant market salary data. OutSolve works with clients to ensure accuracy by taking into consideration job descriptions and variables such as industry, geographical location, size of the company, and years of experience for all types of unique job titles.

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Pay Data Reporting

OutSolve offers California (SB973) and Illinois (SB 1487) pay data reporting services so you can confidently meet state pay data and pay equity certification requirements.

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Pay Data Reporting Services

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