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OFCCP Releases a New Course in the Contractor Compliance Institute Titled Compliance Evaluations

By OutSolve - May 5, 2021 2:49:50 PM - 2 MINS READ

Course will cover the compliance evaluation processes and procedures

A new course, titled Compliance Evaluations, has been released by the OFCCP in the Contractor Compliance Institute (CCI) for federal contractors and subcontractors. The course will provide an understanding of the agency’s compliance evaluation processes and procedures and will address the following key items:

  • The types of compliance evaluations OFCCP is authorized to conduct, and 
  • OFCCP’s procedures for each of the four types of compliance evaluations:
    1. Compliance Checks
    2. Compliance Reviews
    3. Focused Reviews
    4. Off-Site Review of Records.

This fall the CCI will launch The Path to Compliance: Understanding Construction Contractor Obligations. The course will cover the roles and responsibilities construction contractors must perform to comply with the federal equal opportunity employment regulations.

The course is likely to be fairly basic—encompassing mostly a review of the contents of the current scheduling letters for each type of compliance evaluation, without going into much detail on what the OFCCP considers to be an acceptable submission for each individual item. Since each of the authorities the OFCCP enforces (Executive Order 11246, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, and VEVRAA) require some form of training for managers and supervisors, this may be one way to meet those requirements.

The upcoming construction course will likely deal with the sixteen action specifications that construction contractors are required to meet, and can provide a reminder for construction clients as to their obligations under the Executive Order. In some instances, construction contractors may also be covered by Section 503 and the VEVRAA as well.

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