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ESG Engaged Roundup: The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

By Charles Carriere - Mar 14, 2022 1:03:59 PM - 3 MINS READ

The headlines are dominated by the war in Ukraine, and OutSolve's ESG Engaged roundup reflects that. It is remarkable how relevant the ESG framework is becoming as businesses use this doctrine. 


The Russian attack on Ukraine has put energy policies of various countries into sharp focus. Germany may be re-thinking their previous decision to shutter its nuclear plants which increased its need to buy natural gas from Russia. Meanwhile, the United States considers its own energy-independence path - renewables or more drilling for hydrocarbons? The world economies continue to struggle with decisions of sustainable vs. fast. Companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint may have fewer options for green energy if this conflict results in more hydrocarbon production instead of renewable infrastructure investments.

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Volunteering, divesting of Russian assets, and rerouting of supply chains are all ways that individuals and companies are supporting the united front in support of Ukraine. In other news, Airbnb is providing free temporary housing to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. SpaceX donated Starlink terminals providing space-based Internet access to Ukraine. Clearly, corporations with a mission and mindset that goes beyond profit-maximization can have an impact on global causes.

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With the war in Ukraine making headlines, some funds are clearly rethinking their stance on defense stocks. If democratic values are seen as a foundational good, then investing in the companies that support the defense of those values may have a role in an ESG portfolio.

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Charles Carriere

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