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EEOC Publishes FY 2020 Performance Report

By OutSolve - Feb 5, 2021 4:36:33 PM - 2 MINS READ

EEOC secured a record amount of recovery for victims during pandemic

On January 19, 2021 EEOC released it FY 2020 Annual Performance Report (APR). The APR outlines the progress made in achieving the goals and objectives in the Strategic Plan along with other results achieved during the fiscal year.

Performance Highlights

  • Secured a record amount of recovery – more than $535 million. Includes $332.2 million in monetary relief for employees and applicants in the private sector and state and local government through mediation, conciliation, and other administrative enforcement. Another $106 million in monetary relief was obtained through litigation, which represented the highest amount since 2004.
  • Reduced the private sector charge workload by 3.7% to 41,951, the lowest pending inventory in 14 years. 2019 inventory was 43,580.
  • Increased the percentage of charges resolved with a favorable outcome to the charging party by nearly 2% to 17.4%.
  • Conducted more than 2,690 outreach events in the private and federal sectors reaching nearly 300,000 people. Staff participated in 265 outreach events related to COVID-19, reaching more than 50,000 individuals.
  • Conducted more than 6,700 successful mediations resulting in $156.6 million in benefits to charging parties.

Press release

OutSolve's Insight

The EEOC’s annual performance report highlights a number of areas in which performance improved in FY 2020, including recovery of $332.2 million in monetary relief, not including through litigation. But their 2019 statistics show $346.60 million recovered through means other than litigation. Still, a solid performance. The agency continues to stress arbitration and mediation as major tools to resolve discrimination issues, and I think the employer community can expect little change in that respect.


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