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Apply to Present at the
2024 HR Gumbo Conference

Applications Close April 30, 2024

If you're passionate about transforming the affirmative action compliance landscape and can inspire others to stretch beyond the boundaries of compliance, join us at HR Gumbo!

We encourage you to submit as soon as possible. We expect spots to fill up quickly.
Present at HR Gumbo

Show Off Your Expertise

OutSolve invites you to stir the pot at the 2024 HR Gumbo Conference, where Human Resources, Affirmative Action Planning (AAP), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and Pay Equity converge to season the perfect blend of workplace culture. This year’s conference is all about the art of mixing compliance with innovation to inspire the workplaces of tomorrow.

The Conference Theme

The 2024 HR Gumbo Conference is more than just an event; it's a movement towards a future where compliance and fair work cultures are not just parallel tracks but integrated pathways towards creating balanced workplaces. We ask that all proposals align with the conference theme. Including addressing the challenges presented in today's social, political, and legal climate.

Present at HR Gumbo

Session Formats

Speakers can propose to present in a variety of exciting formats. Session formats are designed create an engaging experience for attendees.

Activation Lab
An engaging session focused on activating a foundational effort for AAP, DEI or Pay Equity. Unlike traditional sessions where attendees passively listen, these sessions focus on attendee participation.
A masterclass is a specialized teaching session aimed at providing advanced instruction and insights to participants who typically already have a foundational knowledge of AAP, DEI or Pay Equity.
Fireside Chat
Unlike formal presentations or lectures, fireside chats are designed to be more relaxed and conversational. Chats aim to reveal more insights, stories, and experiences from speakers.
Standard Session
Although these sessions are the traditional conference format, we encourage presenters to deliver these presentations based on the conference theme and in an engaging way.
Present at HR Gumbo

Frequently Asked Questions

We are searching for the most innovative and engaging speakers ready to share their actionable practices and visionary approaches.

Are there benefits to presenting?
  • Complimentary conference registration, including access to all sessions and events.
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with HR, compliance, DEI, compensation, and industry influencers.
  • A platform to share your expertise and insights with a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Recognition as a thought leader in the intersection of HR, AAP, DEI, and Pay Equity.
What are the theme topics for HR Gumbo?
  • Future-focused leadership and talent management practices.
  • Innovative strategies to address the current state of DEI in everyday HR practices.
  • Actionable Affirmative Action Compliance for today’s workplace expectations.
  • Performance-driven tactics for achieving and maintaining Pay Equity.
  • Creative approaches to fostering inclusive work environments.
  • Practical insights on leveraging HR analytics, AI, and technology.
What are the submission guidelines?
  • Proposal title and a detailed yet concise description (max 300 words).
  • A brief outline of your presentation structure, including interactive elements.
  • At least three actionable takeaways participants will gain from your session.
  • Your headshot and biography, highlighting your expertise and speaking experience.https://hrgumbo.typeform.com/to/pMu04ABY
What are the deadlines and other key dates?
  • Submission Open: February 1, 2024
  • Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance: August 1, 2024
What are the session formats?

Proposals to present should consider the following conference formats:

Activation Lab: This session is an interactive space where the presenter demonstrates  an action attendees can take to jumpstart an initiative. This session allows attendees to participate actively, rather than just passively listening to presentations or speeches. The goal is to move from theory to actionable steps. An example of a lab may be:

Pay Principles Lab: Showing attendees how to develop a pay philosophy as starting point for pay equity

Breakout Sessions: These classroom-style sessions will delve deeply into a specific subject, giving attendees actionable strategies and real-world examples to drive positive change. A sample breakout session might be:

Crafting Inclusive Policies: Exploring best practices in developing and implementing policies that promote inclusivity and equality in the workplace.

Super Sessions: These forward-looking interactive sessions are forging into areas of HR that tackle the challenges of the coming months and years. An example would be:

Strategic Leadership in the Digital Age: Understand how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are reshaping the HR landscape and learn strategic approaches to lead your organization through digital transformation. 

Can I submit content I'm presenting at other conferences?

Yes. However, we will give preference to unique content tailored to the HR Gumbo audience and objectives. 

Questions? Contact Us.

Welcome to HR Gumbo

Get ready for transformative experiences at the 2024 HR Gumbo Conference

HR Gumbo is a unique combination of flavorful experiences designed to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and HR professionals like yourself for a dynamic exploration of the future of human resources. Don't miss your change to influence the future of HR with OutSolve!